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mid (18 of 146)We’re always on the lookout for fantastic models to add to our event, and the Yorkshire Brick show is open to all talented AFOL and TFOL LEGO® modellers, and there are a range of benefits that come with being an exhibitor, as outlined below. If you would like to exhibit with us at one of our shows send us a link to some images of your model on Flickr, LEGO® Ideas, or any other photo-sharing site (or if its not finished, an example of your work) using the form at the bottom of this page. Bear in mind the criteria for models shown below when submitting your entry. We have limited space and funding for exhibitors, and as much as we’d love to have everyone’s models, we will make the decision that best compliments the show and the space available. [one_half][callout style=”blue” title=”Benefits” centertitle=”true” align=”center”] Benefits of exhibiting at the Yorkshire Brick Show:
  • Membership and access to the Stackable Events Community Network,
  • A free LEGO® gift and/or discounted sets,
  • An invitation to our Exhibitor social evening and meal,
  • Lunch and refreshments provided on show days,
  • A free T-shirt to wear on show days,
  • Funding towards out of pocket expenses,
  • Entry into our building competitions with a chance to win a LEGO® brick built trophy and other prizes,
  • Two free tickets for your family or friends to check out the show.
[/callout][/one_half] [one_half last][callout style=”blue” title=”Criteria” centertitle=”true” align=”center”] The following is the criteria for exhibitors and models being displayed at Block Con or the Yorkshire Brick Show:
  • You must be 13 or over (under 18’s will need to be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian),
  • It must be made from LEGO® bricks or one of its derivatives (Duplo, Primo, Quattro, etc.),
  • Competitor products must not be used (though custom products designed for use in the LEGO® community are permitted),
  • The use of non-LEGO products, such as material, cloth etc. should be kept to a minimum, and only used where a LEGO® element is not available, however custom stickers, printing or painting is permitted.

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